Read the latest press release announcing the opening of our second office in Orlando.

Close Reach Consulting, a management consulting firm for mid-market businesses, has opened a second office in Orlando Florida.

Based in Atlanta, the firm was founded in 2012 by Dan E. King, with the belief that every organization has the potential to deliver exceptional financial results when inefficiencies are honestly addressed.

King, author of the book The Scorecard Solution…Measure what Matters to Drive Sustainable Growth, helped grow a consumer services company over 700% in six years. With his help, the business made the Inc. Fastest Growing Companies list 4 out of 6 years. That experience helped King appreciate what is required to achieve growth initiatives over multiple years.

Through his book and Close Reach Consulting, King helps executives who desire sustained growth to adopt a proven approach. Not a “quick fix” that fades away. He does this with a singular focus on revenue acceleration, helping business leaders identify and remove the obstacles to high performance.

“Our passion is to create efficient business environments in which everyone understands the mission,” says King. “Most organizations try to do too much. All of the fragmented activity confuses people and wastes money. We help clear out the clutter and re-establish the energy to over-achieve the growth plan.”

The goal of Close Reach Consulting is to help business leaders achieve ambitious revenue targets by creating a vibrant, win-oriented culture within the organization. The firm helps define a growth plan for companies to unleash the potential that is locked away within their organizations.

“By definition, organizations are inefficient,” states King. “Too much time and money are spent trying to be average. Our methodology connects the dots between the vision and the money. We remove the clutter, challenge the status quo, and install high-performance tools that shorten the distance to the target.”

Orlando was chosen as the site to open a second office for Close Reach Consulting due to its ideal location within Florida and the Southeast. From Orlando, the firm can easily service clients in Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami.

“Close Reach Consulting intends to become the preeminent boutique consulting firm for mid-market companies in the Southeast,” adds King.

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