Why Do Business Leaders Need Us?
The Organizational ProwessTM Index exposes the hidden realities that hamper growth.

Leaders on a quest for hyper-growth have discovered that, by applying proven principles and by completely aligning strategy planning, execution and talent density, aggressive goals can be attained.


Missed Opportunity.

That is what CloseReach Consulting helps a leader avoid.

No leader enjoys sharing disappointment and underachievement with employees or shareholders.

Yet, it is an all too common reality. Ambitious goals are thwarted. Revenue targets become elusive. Critical strategies are partially delivered.

How is it that some companies thrive and actually accelerate growth, even in the midst of tough economic times while others falter or fail completely? How is it that certain businesses have an innate ability to avoid the debilitating actions of downsizing and hiring freezes when such events are commonplace in so many organizations?

The organization best equipped to recognize and break through the barriers that materialize during a given business cycle invariably becomes a sector leader and is poised to achieve ambitious goals.

CloseReach Closes the Gap.

Employing our proprietary Organizational ProwessTM methodology, we partner with a business leader to expose the weaknesses that hamper revenue growth.

You can't fix what you can't see.

It is an unfortunate reality that leaders are often kept from the truth. They are often told what they want to hear. They rely on a few "messengers" to help them take the pulse of the business. Consequently, business obstacles take them by surprise. The performance trajectory is threatened. The year ends with disappointment.

Our clients have learned how to apply the early warning systems needed to stay on track and to exceed expectations.

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