Consulting Services

  • service_chartAdvisor/Confidant to Leadership
    • Leaders benefit from someone to talk with other than colleagues in the business. We provide a reasoned, candid dialogue.  We choose our clients carefully and intentionally. We are never too busy to sustain strong partnerships.
  • Organizational Prowess Diagnostic
    •  – A 4-6 week engagement to deliver the OP Index
  • Strategy Planning
    • This is a rigorous, data-centric process that culminates in an off-site planning session. Leadership teams participate in pre-work assignments, a disciplined approach to strategic choice-making and a renewed level of accountability.
  • Execution Framework
    • Don’t let a good strategy go to waste. The execution framework contains all the elements necessary for strategic goal achievement:
      • Leading indicator dashboards
      • Strategic team make up and ownership
      • Removal of barriers
  • Executive Search
    • Filling talent gaps and upgrading where needed.  A great strategy can easily be undermined without the right talent
  • Senior Team Workout – A 1/2 day to 2 day work-out with the senior team to:
    • Introduce the organizational prowess diagnostic
    • Create alignment around strategic choices
    • Construct the execution framework
    • Prioritize critical initiatives

Speaking Engagements

  • Organizational ProwessTM –  what is it really?
  • Strategy Planning – the right way
  • Traits of a hyper-growth business
  • Creating a Culture of Execution
  • Escaping the bonds of mediocrity
  • Building a business to be envied
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