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Growth Acceleration system

A process to interlock an inspiring view of the business in the future (vision) with a tactical growth roadmap. The Growth Acceleration System (GAS) leaves nothing to chance. It provides the framework to help leaders confidently map the future, assess current capabilities and to create the plan to win in the marketplace.


Business Transformation

Sustainable Growth typically requires change. Status Quo is the enemy of value expansion. Our experts work side by side with you to drive the needed changes across the enterprise to capture opportunity and to enhance profits. If you believe your business is at an inflection point or not equipped to capture market opportunities, we’re ready to assist.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Our unique approach to planning interlocks the plan with execution. A growth plan without the execution framework is at risk from the start. We will help you adopt the tools, discipline and accountability to insure achievement of the critical milestones during the year.

Operational Process Improvement

The Close Reach process improvement experts help you optimize your operations. We use continuous process improvement methodologies to enhance workflows across HR, sales, marketing, operations, and finance. Enhancing margins is vital to building value and process improvement delivers the efficiencies needed to create a healthy balance sheet.

Sales Pipeline Expansion

A robust sales pipeline and repeatable process that converts leads to revenue are at the heart of a growth strategy. We help you design and install a scalable sales infrastructure to achieve maximum revenue potential.

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