The Scorecard Solution:

Measure What Matters and Drive Sustainable Growth

In today’s high-pressure environment, simply “making the numbers” is no longer enough to remain competitive. Exceeding expectations and achieving more than others thought possible is the path to becoming a sector leader.

To overachieve requires an honest view of the business and the ability to make the tough decisions to fortify the capabilities needed to execute a bold growth strategy.

Every leader requires quality insight to make quality decisions. The Organizational Prowess Scorecard™ is the mechanism that unveils the truth. Measure what matters. Once a leadership team has an accurate scorecard, strategy dashboards are designed to plot the course to growth.

This book is a leader’s playbook – a pragmatic guide to creating a culture of high performance. This invaluable one-of-a-kind resource gives you the answers you need so that you can chart your company’s course for rapid change–and outperform the competition every time.

Author: Dan E. King

Book Reviews

"I agree with King: "Organizations are complex communities.” News can travel slowly, especially if it is bad news. Consequently, leaders struggle to stay informed on what matters. Without a robust measurement tool and a culture of candor, performance can slip, and corrective action comes too late. King introduces a pragmatic and powerful tool to uncover the root cause of milestone misses and provides the remedy to sustain multi-year growth."

"King’s scorecard methodology serves two critical purposes. First, it provides a numerical score that becomes a baseline. Second, that score is a call to action for the leadership team. Scorecard results can easily be converted into an actionable playbook. Leader now know what has to be addressed in order to accelerate revenue growth and remove the barriers to high performance."

"Every leader needs clarity when it comes to the inner workings of the enterprise. Too often, the truth is kept from the very people who are needed to remedy performance inhibitors. King’s straightforward scorecard methodology is what every business can benefit from. While few leaders are reluctant to invest in their business, the challenge is deciding where to place the bets. King’s book is the playbook for maximizing the ROI."

"No review, including mine, can do full justice to the scope and depth of invaluable material that Dan E. King provides in The Scorecard Solution. Leaders in all organizations need both a scorecard and a playbook to achieve and then sustain superior performance. In my opinion, none are better than those King offers. I encourage you and your colleagues to read it and then take appropriate action before your competition does."

"Many years ago, I learned the adage: “if you can measure it you can improve it.” I have tried to live by that for many years, with modest success. Some of the tools I adopted worked and well some didn’t. I just wished I’d had Dan King’s fine book before now."

"This is the one book on the subject of business scorecards that really hits home. King’s approach is logical, useable and powerful. The playbook he unveils shows the reader how to develop the most effective method of measuring that I have seen. Truth is power for a leader. This scorecard model brings the truth to the forefront."

"I have read several books on strategy and leadership. I would rank King’s book among the very best. Although all the appropriate technical perspectives are included in the text, it is written for practitioners in a way that is understandable and applicable to any type of enterprise."

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