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Measure What Matters & Drive Sustainable Growth

I wrote the Scorecard Solution for one primary reason. CEO’s live (and die) by numbers. They live in a metric-centric world. I wanted to build a tool that would provide numerical evidence of organizational competence.

I have spent quite a few years as an executive in various business environments and whether it is a fortune 50 organization or a small, private enterprise, leaders often lack insight when it comes to the inner workings of the business. The person in the corner office simply can’t be everywhere and see everything. Further, relying on what subordinates tell you can be dicey. Bad news will invariably be sanitized.

The Organizational Prowess Scorecard solves the information gap dilemma. It assesses the key capabilities needed to drive growth. Once these capabilities have been numerically benchmarked, a senior team can build a playbook to address weakness.

CEOs like clarity. Clarity leads to better decisions. The Scorecard takes the guesswork out of where to make investments and where to funnel resources within the company.  This is the smart, metric-driven approach to sustainable growth.


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