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Be Disruptive In 2023

If we’re not careful, watching the news and fretting over the macro-economic forecasts, we will assume the fetal position and wait for the skies to clear.


Don’t follow the sheep. Now is the time to seek out opportunity. Look for ways to disrupt your sector. If you’re a business owner or CEO, now is exactly the time to step up your game. Lead!

Airplanes take off into a headwind for a reason.

I advise my clients to create a 2023 Disruption Plan. It is the micro-economics of your business that matter. Not the global macro-economics. Examine your business’s ecosystem and be opportunistic.

When we look back on 2023, we will hear the stories of the companies that thrived in the midst of trying times. Take the steps now to be one of the 2023 winners.


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